Outsourcing Software / Offshoring Software

Firms have saved countless dollars by managing resources from outside of the firm, or from geographically separate facilities, but this adds new challenges to order promising. Radiant Technologies offers ERP solftware with valuable features like real-time item availability and shipments tracking to maintain a high level of order promising, as well as powerful up-to-the-minute data such as landed costs to help reduce overhead.

Item Availability:

Where is it, and when is it getting here?

Visibility is important in the supply chain, and you need to know know where your goods are and when they are arriving. With powerful "Item Availability" screens in our ERP software, you have a dynamic view of what is in stock in your warehouse, as well as what is expected changes to your stock levels. When you see the values on the screen, you can quickly locate more information in real time.

Landed Cost:

What is the true profit on each item?

Even when items are less expensive to outsource than to produce domestically, they have additional overhead costs need be applied to the cost of goods calculation. Common examples of these overheads are costs associated with freight, insurance, and import/export duties. In order to get a a precise picture of their profitability, you will need to correctly allocate these expenses, which may be difficult to calculate until days or weeks after receipt of goods in your warehouse.

With Radiant's ERP software, you can allocate a cost to one or many items. The system will then help you allocate the costs by weight, by amount, equally, or allow you to manually spread the allocation according to other criteria. These costs can then be tracked and associated with specific items.

Managing Subcontractors

Our software allows you to set up outside processes or subcontracted operations in the routing system. This allows users to track the process through the external steps as well as internal operations. It will then create a shipment document and a receipt document to help manage the process. Note that this step is optional, as many of our clients do not need this kind of tracking for their outsourced manufacturing.