Navision Inventory Availability & Management

Inventory management is an indispensable function for manufacturing firms, and inventory management functions in Microsoft Navision lower costs and improves customer service by linking inventory control with purchase and order processing operations.

By giving more control to users, increasing operational visibility, and removing business redundancies, Navision inventory availability management reduces extra inventories and empowers sales representatives to assist customers effectively.

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Inventory Costing

Efficiently manage sale/purchase prices and line discounts with customers and vendors through functions like inventory management, work-in-process, and costs of goods sold. Availability of cost breakdown into multiple categories helps understand product costs as variables like materials and overhead. This empowers businesses to tighten control of closing processes and improve batch job costing.

Item Cross-references

Improve customer satisfaction by quickly understanding the unique demands of your customers through cross referencing functions. Cross referencing pulls up items by customer code or internal product codes.

Internal Pick/Put-away

Maintain accurate inventory records for testing and other operational requirements, independently of purchase receipts and source documents, by picking or putting away items and debit and credit inventory records.

Multiple Locations and Responsibility Centers

Increase customer satisfaction and improve customer service by providing them with quotes for non-stock items, and create entries for non-stock items.

Location Transfers

Group items into stock keeping units and control them as individual items at multiple locations. Location transfer options include replenishment methods, safety stock, and costs.

Stock-keeping Units

A single database keeps track of inventory across multiple locations, simplifying product tracking and allowing users to get a real time business overview when required.

Warehouse Management System

Elemental warehouse processes such as directed pick and put away options, and bin replenishment methods help reduce management costs by creating highly effective warehousing processes.

Cycle Counting

Increase inventory accuracy and meet shipping deadlines easily by determining counting frequency per item or by stock keeping units.

Business Notifications

Create system specific notifications to alert users, vendors, or people within the organization about changes to inventory levels, critical inventory levels, order statuses, or other business needs handled by the software.

Item Substitution

Offer alternative items for customers searching for out-of-stock items to increase customer satisfaction. Also create options for affordably priced products that can be sold at a higher profit margin.

Item Tracking

First expired/first out (FEFO) handling eliminates product waste owing to expired products. Also trace lot numbers or stock keeping unit numbers to determine where items were purchased, processed, or sold.

Automated Data Collection System (ADCS)

The automated data collection system improves efficiency and accuracy of pick and put away processes, physical inventory counting, and moving items from one bin to another.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Enablement

RFID enablement removes the need for manual compliance, making it easier for firms to comply with legal mandates.

Order Processing

Available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) insight functions empower sales representatives to provide customers with accurate item availability statistics and delivery timeframes.

Returns Management

Increase inventory accuracy with exact cost reversal functions. System can also be programmed to automatically organize credit memos, vendor returns, and process partial or complete shipment returns.

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