Navision CRM & Contact Management

Client management is among the revenue-generating activities often overlooked while firms shop ERP software solutions. Navision is equipped with innovative tools to help the sales force manage clients in easy-to-recall, documentable, and transferrable methods. Sales teams can create and edit profiles to create new clients, adjust contacts, or add upcoming events or document past events. Documenting campaigns communicates progress with Sales Management simultaneously and enables Sales teams to maintain continual dialogues with prospects and clients.

E-mail Logging in Microsoft Exchange Server

Log all e-mail correspondence sent through Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook to share with team members.

Customer Interaction Log and Document Management

Log all customer-related interactions, including meetings, correspondence, or activities performed in other application areas, and log calls manually using a wizard. Attach documents and other files to relevant records and track all files.

Campaign Management

Identify specific segments or categories in your contact database, and t hen create targeted campaigns in the languages you choose. Use customizable templates and the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Office Word to create and send personalize print or e-mail communications. Use contextualized reports to help measure campaign results.

Contact Classification

Define contact records and customer profiles based on specific criteria.

Opportunity Management

Define and analyze specific customer and contact information to help take advantage of sales opportunities, monitor the sales pipeline, and track and structure the sales cycle.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks in either Outlook or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Use automated reminders and alerts to complete tasks on time.

Contact Management

Maintain overviews and classifications for contact companies and individual contacts from within Outlook or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Easily retrieve information related to a contact-such as an opportunity, an address, or a comment-using fuzzy logic search capabilities.

Outlook Integration

work productively when you can manage contacts, task and team information directly within Outlook. Take advantage of one-time data entry to create, update, cancel or delete records and custom forms in Outlook or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Business Intelligence

View and analyze sales and profitability trends and customizable sales reports, and share the information using Excel. Access relevant information and KPIs, including inventory quantities, order status, and financial information.