International Software


A global operation is not without its challenges and many ERP systems are not equipped to simplify these complications. Radiant Technologies offers a solution for managing the resources of your global enterprise. Your firm can work without barriers across the global market. Invoicing, payments, foreign accounting standards, financial reporting, payables, receivables, general ledger reports, bank accounts and inventory will take into consideration an unlimited number of currencies and improve financial efficiency. Built-in intelligence tools will further enable you to manage your global business.

Show multi-currency activity in financial reports or translate existing reports into multiple currencies to share information with associates around the world. Enable global partners and stakeholders to view balances online and print financial reports for up to two currencies simultaneously. Maintain the general ledger in two different currencies or maintain a foreign currency as your base currency to align your accounts with the currency used by your parent company.

  • International Account Management - Specify a default currency for each customer or vendor account, and manage the entire account in that currency, including invoicing and payments. View all payable and receivable accounts in both local currency and the foreign currency in which the transaction was made. Inter-company transactions and reporting: Create and distribute inter-company transactions-including sales and purchase documents and general ledger entries-with support for multiple currencies.
  • Exchange Rate Tracking - Set up relational exchange rates in the format applicable I your country. Define specific exchange rates for daily transactions and for the adjustment of balances sheet accounts in a specified period. Track the date and time of exchange rates used in multi-currency transactions to facilitate audits.
  • Realized Gains and Losses Tracking - Automatically track and record realized gains and losses for sales and purchases due to the effect of changes in exchange rates.
  • Business Intelligence - Monitor currencies and spot trends by generating standard, ad-hoc, and analytical reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Easily explore data to Excel to create detailed reports, evaluate trends, and share the information with coworkers.

Offshoring / Outsourcing

Managing resources from outside of your own firm or from within your firm but geographically separate facilities has saved firms countless dollars that contributes directly to the bottom line, but it also adds new challenges to order promising. With valuable features like item availability and real-time information on delays, materials or completed inventories available, your firm can maintain the same high level of order promising as if you were operating reliably near to your customers.

  • Landed Costs - Understand the true cost of acquiring products or receiving services that you have outsourced.
  • Allocate Freight Costs Automatically - All costs to your inventory are accounted for.
  • Real-time Data - Keep control of your inventory by knowing what’s happening immediately.
  • Item Availability by Date - Understand where your inventory is for Order Promising.
  • Item Availability by Location - What you have and what you are expecting in each warehouse or in-transit location.

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