E-commerce Software

Establish a sales presence on the web or integrate existing online stores with your ERP software. Integrated E-commerce with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP suite reduces website administration, enables truly dynamics content and offers robust security.

Radiant Technologies offers Custom E-commerce Solutions for both B2B and B2C companies. Contact us below to find out how we can seamlessly integrate your website with your other business software. 

Quickly Change Website Content

A dynamic web catalog is critical for online sales good customer service. The ability to quickly change your website content is a must for commercial websites. Creating an e-commerce interface within your ERP system gives users the ability to instantly change and publish website information without any web programming, directly from Dynamics NAV's adminsitration module.

Reduced Administration

Automatically post online orders to your ERP system in real time, avoiding manually entering data into your accounting & fulfillment system. Custom validation rules, specific to your business, filter out any incorrect orders, reducing calls to customer support. Only valid orders are sent to the warehouse, where a pick list is printed.

E-commerce at Trade Shows

A growing number of companies now use integrated e-commerce sites to double as trade show order entry systems. This allows marketing and sales staff to check pricing, check stock levels, place orders and access other data in real time from the trade show floor.

Robust Security

A tight integration between your website and ERP system ensures that order data is not lost, interrupted, or tampered with.

Real-World Applications

The Ken Blanchard Companies sells popular books worldwide. The books are setup with descriptions, pricing, and translations in Dynamics NAV then published to the web site by members of the sales team. As orders are taken, they are automatically brought into Dynamics NAV's order management, validated, then printed as a pick list in the warehouse. The customer is then sent an e-mail with shipping details, estimated arrival date, and a tracking number.

Big Sky Discount Horse had problems executing a marketing campaign to 200,000 internet customers, since the web marketing manager needed to type in and process about 15 orders a day. After a Dynamics NAV E-commerce integration, they were able process thousands of orders a day. Donna Forester, Controller for Big Sky Discount Horse, had this to say:

"By utilizing Microsoft Dynamics Navision's CRM system to pull the names of past customers, and import the XML web orders directly into our Microsoft Dynamics NAV's order entry system, we were able to perform this marketing campaign – and it increased revenue over $75,000 in the first month alone! We got a payback for the system in just that first week."