Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Experience Microsoft’s most innovative release to date - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013! Released on October 1st, 2012, this newest version allows you to experience updated features such as the NAV 2013 web client, cash flow forecasting enhancements, account schedule charts, and more.

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Enhanced Features

Features Dynamics NAV 2013
Cash Flow Forecast In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 you will be able to analyze your current cash position, monitor receipts and disbursements, multiple forecasts for different periods, etc.
Cost Accounting monitor budgeted ad actual operating costs, synchronize with general ledger, catch budget discrepancies immediately
Item Availability Gain a full view of expected inventory of a specific item over time, or by supply or demand
Supply Planning Dynamics NAV 2013 enhancements include new reorder fields for time buckets, rescheduling and lot accumulation periods, and overflow level
Warehouse Integrate Manufacturing and Warehouse management, Assembly and Service Management to attain more accurate inventory and reduce stock
Job and Service Management Project status calculations, full view of all supply and demand associated with a product or service
RoleTailored User Experience Improvements - End-user charting, display content in tabular format, reporting through other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot)
Web Client access Dynamics NAV 2013 from any device through a secured web browser
Open Data Protocol create self-service Odata through web service
Business Intelligence and Reporting Faster reporting with dynamic sorting and KPI analysis, Microsoft Excel add-in, use of PowerPivot, export reports to PDF, custom design, etc.
Simpler Deployment, Faster Implementation Dynamics NAV 2013 now has the tools and out of the box configurations to aid setup, allowing a faster implementation, and an easier deployment

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