On a Server vs. In the Cloud

Cloud computing is a new reality that allows companies to access data and applications from virtually anywhere via the Internet. Hosting Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud will help adapt to your unique business processes. Radiant Technologies is pleased to offer Dynamics NAV in the cloud,  helping companies sell, make and move more products.

On a Server

Traditionally, companies will own their own server which gives them complete control and they can see exactly where their data is. This option requires IT infrastructure costs including capital costs on hardware and software, electricity costs, data center real estate costs and maintenance costs.

In the Cloud

By switching to cloud hosting, companies become more elastic and lower IT costs. Benefits include:

  • Easily scale usage of servers up or down according to traffic
  • Only pay for servers while you use them
  • Less management, maintenance and deployment time
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Less physical resource
  • High security, data protection and back-up

Radiant Technologies Can Help You Either Way

When partnering with Radiant Technologies, your company will experience distinguished service and support, whether on-site or in the cloud.  Radiant Technologies will strive to to use our leading solutions to your company’s benefit and find the best solution to help your company move forward.