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The term in the cloud, otherwise known as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), simply means having your data and applications available to you on the web. As a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud Certified Partner, Radiant Technologies can help you move to the Cloud quickly and seamlessly. By hosting Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud, companies can:

  • Scale up or down their usage easily.
  • Save money with pay as you go monthly or annual subscription fees.
  • Lower IT costs by avoiding traditional overhead costs

Sell More.

Sales and Marketing tools to promote your business:

  • See real time effects of your marketing campaigns
  • Track sales instantly and scale usage accordingly
  • Manage customer and product information seamlessly

Make More.

World-class Manufacturing and Project Planning:

  • Easily scale business needs efficiently
  • Predict demand and plan production accordingly
  • Less IT costs and more accurate allocations

Move More.

Streamline your Supply Chain and Processes:

  • Faster up-to-the minute orders and billing
  • Manage global locations anywhere via the Internet
  • Work virtually anywhere with your trade partners.

Cloud ERP Brochure

Interested moving to the Cloud? View the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Guide or the SaaS Whitepaper to learn more about making a transition to Cloud Computing or Software as a Service SaaS.

Cloud Transition Guide Download Whitepaper

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

  • Lower IT infrastructure costs - Avoid conventional software and server costs such as maintaining servers, electricity fees and secure housing. Lessen the burden of IT personnel and have them more efficiently maintain company data.
  • Pay as you go - Subscribe to servers flexibly. Upscale during high traffic times and downscale at low traffic times. Save money and manage costs better by not running servers you are not using.
  • Lessen your carbon footprint - By avoiding the capital expenditure of bulky servers, utilize multitenancy capabilities. Multitenancy means that many customers run their applications on the same unit of software on one database.
  • Guaranteed high security - Data back up and protection is principal to cloud services. Rest assured your data is secure in the cloud.

What is Included in a Cloud Implementation?

  • Radiant Technologies will provide our first-class service in helping your company move to the cloud.
  • Ease of deployment and guaranteed service levels
  • High security, data protection and back-up

What Kind of Companies Prefer Cloud?

Companies large and small are now looking to the cloud as their future. By helping companies realizing faster ROI and more efficient business solutions, ERP software in the cloud is prime for companies looking to propel foward.

Radiant Technologies Can Help You Turn to the Cloud

When partnering with Radiant Technologies, your company will experience distinguished service and support when moving to the cloud.  Radiant Technologies will strive to to use our leading solutions to your company’s benefit in order to make this transition smooth and help your company move forward.

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