Corporate Values

We are pleased to share our Corporate Values:


What We Mean

  • We are fully committed to represent Radiant, our partners and ourselves, in a positive manner.

  • We keep our agreements (completing our tasks and goals), and follow through on what we say we are going to do, both internally and externally.

  • We take responsibility for identifying risks and encourage appropriate transparency.

  • By acting ethically, we maintain high professional standards and take great care to do the right thing so our actions reflect our values.

  • Living in integrity, and taking ownership builds a platform of safety and trust, which supports our personal and professional development and growth.

  • The Benefit To Our Vendors, Partners and Clients (VPCs)

  • Our “accountable” perspective allows us to have open honest discussions, which builds trust in all our interactions.

  • When our VPCs trust our judgment, decision-making happens faster- and we can build closer, long lasting relationships.

  • We are responsive to our VPCs’ needs, and keep our financial commitments.

  • This translates into a stellar reputation and generates word of mouth referrals.

  • Our VPCs are confident in our ability to keep our deadlines and to deliver quality and profitability.

  • We take pride in mentoring and educating our clients.


    What We Mean

  • At Radiant technologies, each employee has a personal stake in the company and its success.

  • Our commitment is personal, intentional, and shows up through our dedicated service.

  • We achieve both our short and long term goals through hard work; stretching ourselves, intellectually and physically to the mutual symbiotic benefit for all.

  • The Benefit To Our Vendors, Partners and Clients (VPCs)

  • Our VPCs, know that we are focused on hitting their measurable goals.

  • We are honest and take the time to educate them on what is going to be in their best interest.

  • They can count on our word, and we make sure they feel heard and understood, in all our interactions.

  • They appreciate our dedication to partner with them; becoming trusted advisors that provide expertise, quality work, profitability and most of all…peace of mind.


    What We Mean

  • We believe in the value of inter-dependent, long-term, collaborative relationships.

  • We value the ability to “play well” in the same sandbox, assuming positive intentions and building a mutually beneficial relationship of trust.

  • We take the perspective of being in the “same boat”, and that we will work, until “you work”.

  • We will never leave a client stranded, and will always treat others the way we would want to be treated.

  • By maintaining a win/win point of view, we build a shared vision of the future.

  • The Benefit To Our Vendors, Partners and Clients (VPCs)

  • Believing in the power of partnership allows us to have a laser focus that prepares us for expansion by living in abundance consciousness.

  • We support one another with a true generosity of spirit, which creates a playful, fun and happy work atmosphere.

  • We get to tangibly rejoice as we participate in supporting our partners to flourish and grow.

  • By seeing ourselves in ‘partnership” we instantly expand what we can achieve together.


    What We Mean

  • We value the ability for each employee to have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the overall success of the company.

  • We believe we can each have a positive influence on our environment and have a positive effect on one another.

  • We strive for consistency; yet also simultaneously strive for being change agents, always moving forward.

  • Our passion for what we do, allows us to “make our mark” differentiating from our competition by delivering a WOW factor to our VPCs.

  • The Benefit To Our Vendors, Partners and Clients (VPCs)

  • We prove our value to our VPCs, as their capabilities, reputations and prestige is expanded.

  • Our impact is measurable and we seamlessly become an indispensable and integral part of their business, as they build their own stellar reputation and increase revenue.